Annual Homeshow Dec. 2 & 3 Noon - 4 pm

Annual Homeshow and Sale



You are invited!

Saturday December 2 Noon - 4 pm

Sunday December 3  Noon - 4 pm

3434 SE Brooklyn

Portland, OR 97202


Augmenting the show this year: Brandy and Liqueur Tasting




Stone Barn is delighted to continue the tradition of Homeshows with Adrienne, and will offer tastes and bottles sales of Quince Liqueur, Peach Rock and Rye (Stone Barn's Rye Whiskey infused with fresh peaches), and Nocino/green walnut liqueur.


Kiln Opening Saturday at Noon

You're welcome to help unload and sand-wear old clothes and bring gloves.

Photos above are older shots.  I will update as I make new pieces for you!

Lots of seconds and odds and ends. Lots of shards from pieces that didn't make it for

Tillamook Pioneer Museum Show:  O! How Glorious Our Weeds!

It's up until Nov 26 - Solo Show over 80 pieces with native plant and bird themes. 

For more information about Museum Show contact Museum.

See you then. Oh, and please feel free to share and invite folks to this. 

Thank you.