October Show Broadway Gallery

Meet the Artist:  Thursday~Oct 1st 11- 4 pm 

Longview, WA 98632


At the Broadway Gallery 1418 Commerce Avenue

Featuring my Watercolors and Clay accents.               Sneak Preview:

Detail from "Sunflowers by the Step"

Detail from "My Three Suns"

Left: Sunflowers by the Step".                            Right:  "My Three Suns".          21x27"

"Let Go!" 19x25"

"Golden Fence" 11x15" Unframed $65


"Cheery" 11x15" Unframed $65

"Dark Dragon" 11x15".   $120

"Come on in"      a bit fantastical... Framed in White 12x16 $150


"Dock's Edge" 8x17 Murky, scummy, rich~ Framed  $120

"Dream Knoll"      stay awhile... $120

"Escape Scape".