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Adrienne Stacey Pottery

Member of the Oregon Potters Association

Come visit, see the studio and the wee gallery.

The studio is down 35th up stairs by garage.

Call or text before you come over so I can meet you at the Studio door.

503 232 4393.  3434 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97202

Annual Homeshow. Dec 2 & 3, Sat & Sun Noon-4 pm. Click on Page above for more...


Classes: Two Wheelthrowing spots available. Please click on Classes page above

Schedule your workshops for October, November and December

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wee gallery is open year around by appointment.          503 232 4393


In my forty years of becoming a potter,          

what satifies me

is one of my pieces

                                connecting earth with soul


3434 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97202

Halfway between SE Division and Powell, on the corner of 35th St. and Brooklyn.

phone:  503 232 4393  


                              See you soon,


Tillamook Pioneer Museum Show 

September 22- November 26, 2017

Pieces are for sale.  30% of sales benefits the Museum!


   Tillamook Show Reception. This wonderful person gave me a $100 to help pay for a piece from the show, for someone who needs a little extra to purchace a piece. If you are interested, please check with Tillamook Pioneer Museum,  for contact information.  Thank you! 


Winter Bleaks. Black Clay with porcelain.  Left to Right:  Kingfishers Sold,  Winter's Bleak, Egret in the Snow.

Available at Tillamook Pioneer Museum. 

June:  Seaweed and Lace.     One of my current favorites.   15" x 25"

Avaiable at Tillamook Pioneer Museum.

Tillamook Show. These pieces have imprints from "weeds" from the newly restored Sitka Sedge Nature Reserve, between Tillamook and Pacific City.

Beautiful walking there. Naturescape(@22" x 25") is available from the Tillamook Pioneer Museum​       Bowls are sold.     

Thimbleberry Bowl. Available at the tillamook Pioneer Museum




Dragonfly Luminary. SOLD     

Please come and visit!  My wee gallery is open.  Call first so I can meet you at the door.  503 232 4393                               


"Drifter"    Stoneware  Professionally framed     Art Works Gallery   Utah      



   Native Cow Parsley, Lichen & Wood Sorrel.  Tillamook Pioneer Museum Show
Open until November 26, 2017.       @10" x 10" (lifesize)


                                    Rooster  $350  19" x 24" wee gallery 


Adrienne Stacey, Potter                                                                               


       Studio 2001        1909 Classic Box         1986 Vanagon                                                                 

Coming by Bus?

#4 Division, to 34th Stop.  Brooklyn is south of Division

#9 Powell, 33rd stop. Brooklyn is north of Powell

#75 Chavez, Tibbets stop.  Brooklyn is one block north of Tibbitts

A fully functioning urban pottery — right in Southeast Portland                  

7.  8. 


                           9.                                                                          10.

7.  Poppies!  'Tis the season.  

8.  This 55" piece is cut to fit on my 12" x 24" gas kiln shelves and weighted to dry flat.  Porcelain.

              Color will disappear when fired, unfortunately...                                                                        

9.  My piece on the left, students pieces on the right.

10. Loading Gas Fired Reduction Firing.

 ___________    ____________________

I make my own glazes — lead-free.

All of my work is original. Many of my Tillamook show pieces were created in the woods...   

My work is on display and for sale in my own wee gallery.

My annual Homeshow is the first weekend in December.

Watch for occassional studio sales! Please call me if you want to purchase one of my pieces. 503 232 4393

I offer wheel throwing and hand building classes, private tutoring, and custom workshops for small groups

High-fired pottery is very strong. Pieces are safe in the dishwasher and microwave.

Flat pieces can stay outside year-round, except during heavy freezes. 

High-fired ceramics was my major in college — BA 1972. 

I’ve worked with clay for more than 40 years and am still learning!