Dear Friends.  

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Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Studio closed Dec 13 - January 7, 2019. Except for purchasing appointments. 503 232 4393


New Class added:  Wednesday mornings 10 - 12

2 wheel spots and 1 handbuilding spot available 

Starting January 9th 2019 

Six sessions. 2 hours. includes everything $250

503 232 4393

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Annual Homeshow Dec. 1 & 2 Saturday and Sunday Noon - 4 pm.


3434 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97202

I'm planning to open the kiln Saturday at Noon

Observe the joys and sorrows of kiln unloading...

Come help!  Bring old gloves, you can also help sand and price.

You and family and friends are welcome

20% off all seconds Sunday!!!!!!!!!



25% of all sales there goes to the incredable Tillamook Forest Center.  

Please support this!

Tillamook Forest Center. "Unnoticed Treasures"

My Grandson joined me in the forest

making pieces for this show!


The Tillamook Forest Center is a great place to visit, very family friendly - great bathrooms! Access to Wilson River too. Free admission, donation appreciated...

Center is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.  

Also Alice’s Country House toward Tillamook has great local style food. Alice’s is closed on Tuesday.  Good fish & Chips, pancakes, Carrot Cake & pies…

Then drop into the Rainforest Nursery, right next door.  Healthy native and landscape plants.  Knowledgable owner.

Visit the Wild Rain Gallery, just a very short distance west of Alice’s.  My work is there, I love going into the gallery - nice set up & good coffee and wine.  

In the City of Tillamook, another fun place is the Tillamook Pioneer Museum, updated and community friendly. 

Pieces are for sale at Tillamook Show. Contact me for purchases.  

I will be making a donation to the Center representing 25% of Sales.  

Your purchase will help support the great work they do.

Credit cards, checks and cash will work!   Please plan to pick up your pieces Sunday November 25, 1-3:30 pm at the Center

or make arrangements with me.  You can pick them up at my studio in S.E. Portland

Of course, it would be great if you all would share this as you can. 



SOLD - Yay!

the Tillamok Forest Center Show. 


       This unusual piece is an experiment.  It can be hung.  Frame is on the back

I found the slice of sawed wood in the Tillamook Forest as well as the wee fern and leaves

It's a reminder of the history of the forest as well as the importance of the natiral environment.


Maple in clay and real!  Wilson River rock.                     Juvie Porcupine "Camouflaged" Mixed clays at Tillamook Show.  $400

Porcelain Vine. Tryptic 33”x18” professionally framed. Available at RJ Gallery, McMinnville, OR.  


Dogwood Tray. 3 clays. in my wee gallery at the studio.  $110 18x10" 

Adrienne Stacey Pottery

Member of the Oregon Potters Association

Come visit, see the studio and the wee gallery.

The studio is down 35th up stairs by garage.

Call or text before you come over so I can meet you at the Studio door.

503 232 4393.  3434 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97202

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         Egret      17" x 28" framed. Porcelain on black clay. Tillamook Forest Center



 Golden Lupine and Deer Fern Tillamook Show


 Nootka Rose and Lace. Tillamook Show                         


Watercolors - New this year. Framed and unframed. Available now by Appointment

Presenting: The Lightness of Being Series

These are gentle, tender, cheerful pieces.  Please come by and see them ~

Kingfisher. Framed. Tillamook Show $500

SOLD.  Waterscumble.  Framed  The RJ Gallery McMInnville OR 

"Lightness of Being".  Art Works Gallery, Utah



                                             Sold   Iris. 141/2 x 16. $300


                Hydrangea. 16 x 19" Lightness of Being Series

Available at the RJ Gallery McMinnville, OR


 Leaves Fall 16 x 18. $300.   In my wee gallery - come over and see this one..  Lightness of Being Series          

  SOLD       Land Oh!  121/2 x 30.  RJ Gallery in McMInnville, OR

Exclamation Yellow    Framed  Available at RJ Gallery, McMinnville, OR.  


Let Go~  . Framed 19" x 25" Art Works Gallery, Utah


wee gallery

SOLD unframed $50



wee gallery is open year around by appointment.  Click at top of page for more..          503 232 4393


In my forty years of becoming a potter,          

what satifies me

is one of my pieces


connecting earth with soul.

3434 SE Brooklyn, Portland, OR 97202

Halfway between SE Division and Powell, on the corner of 35th St. and Brooklyn.

phone:  503 232 4393  


                              See you soon,




 Please come and visit!  My wee gallery is open.  Call first so I can meet you at the studio door.  503 232 4393                               


"Drifter"    Stoneware,  Professionally framed    Will be available at the Tillamook Forest Center Show September - November.  See above for more details. ,



   SOLD                   Rooster  $350  19" x 24" wee gallery 


Adrienne Stacey, Potter                                                                               


       Studio 2001        1909 Classic Box         1986 Vanagon                                                                 

Coming by Bus?

#4 Division, to 34th Stop.  Brooklyn is south of Division

#9 Powell, 33rd stop. Brooklyn is north of Powell

#75 Chavez, Tibbets stop.  Brooklyn is one block north of Tibbitts

A fully functioning urban pottery — right in Southeast Portland                  



                           9.                                                                          10.                                                          

9.  My piece on the left, students pieces on the right.

10. Loading Gas Fired Reduction Firing.

 ___________    ____________________

I make my own glazes — lead-free.

All of my work is original .Many of Tillamook Forest pieces will be created in the woods...   

My work is on display and for sale in my own wee gallery.

My annual Homeshow is the first weekend in December.

Watch for occassional studio sales! Please call me if you want to purchase one of my pieces. 503 232 4393

I offer wheel throwing and hand building classes.

High-fired pottery is very strong. Pieces are safe in the dishwasher and microwave.

Flat pieces can stay outside year-round, except during heavy freezes. 

High-fired ceramics was my major in college — BA 1972. 

I’ve worked with clay for more than 40 years and am still learning!