NEW! Naturescapes

Freshly planted Naturescapes.  
"bonsai" like.  Planted with lots of drainage, three kinds of soil - for slowgrowth, but good quality. 


Listen, very shallow, black clay. Outside mostly succulents. $70.       Two piece pond, $175


Combination wheel and handbuilt planter, Not too much water.   Loves the sun $200.      

Handbuilt, lots of drainage, outisde.  Plum Pine,  and "stepables". Removable leaf ~ $200


 Small wheelthrow/Handbuilt planter with wee cotoneaster. $70

Professional Frames

Can ship, customer pays shipping and Insurance

Gingko, whirlygigs pine needles on porcelain

Life Sized and framed 13 3/4" x 30" $375



"The Earth is Crammed..."    Life size.  Broadway Gallery, Longview WA                          

A personal favorite, Kilchis Reserve, Tillamook County

Winter Cow Parsely, with a touch of dried seaweed and rock.    


Naturescape Wall Piece $48

Call or email if you would like to see them.

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