NEW! Naturescapes

Can ship, customer pays shipping and Insurance


"The Earth is Crammed..."    Life size.  $600 Framed.                                 

A personal favorite, Kilchis Reserve, Tillamook County

Winter Cow Parsely, with a touch of dried seaweed and rock.    

$400  Lifesize

Egret.            Black Clay. Professionally Framed.  $250.    A bit smaller than lifesize.


I have several new pottery pieces with plants,  "bonsai" style pieces.   They are for sale.

Call or email if you would like to see them.

I live in Southeast Portland

3434 SE Brooklyn

Halfway between Diviadon and Powell.

Wee Maple in "Vacation" Setting. $125



"Drifter"  Will be available at the Tillamook Forest Center Show.         First Framed Naturescape...

503 232 4393

Located in SE Portland